Dr. Ramana Chintalapalle

Curriculum vitae: 

Dr. Ramana Chintalapalle, who is known simply Ramana or CV in the community or among his friends and relatives, is currently Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Dr. Ramana also serves as a Faculty Associate of Interdisciplinary Programs at UTEP namely the Energy Science & Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering. He is founding Director of the Center for Advanced Materials Research (CMR), which is a multi-million dollar supported and invested center for research and education in materials science and engineering. He has been consistently named/awarded with “Outstanding Young Faculty or Outstanding Faculty” at UTEP. In addition, based on his exceptional academic performance, he has been titled as “Ramana the Rising Star” at UTEP campus. US Air Force named him “the role model professor.” He has been the PI or Co-PI and served as a Director or Co-Director of several funded research projects, which span multi-million US dollars funding. Currently, Dr. Ramana is also the Director of Nuclear Energy Initiative supported by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, at UTEP. Dr. Ramana manages the multi-year and multimillion dollar supported NSF-PREM program with the Center for Advanced Materials Research at UTEP. All the activities focused towards promoting research and education in materials for emerging technologies, which include electronics, energy storage and conversion technologies.
Dr. Ramana's research is primarily focused on nanomaterials, mechanics and manufacturing as relevant to energy and electronics industries. He has extensively contributed towards understanding the surfaces and interfaces and simple and complex thin film oxides for various applications. His current research involves developing the advanced structural materials for application in energy production, storage and conversion, utilization, and management. In general, materials fabrication, characterization and performance evaluation plays a significant role in his research. His research also focuses on the nano/micro materials growth and plasma-based advanced manufacturing of next-generation electronic and optoelectronic materials. Ongoing research related to nanomaterials, ceramic coatings, and surface/interface engineering of advanced materials is funded by various funding agencies of the United States government, such as DOE, NSF, NASA, and US Air Force.
Dr. Ramana mentored and graduated several students at PhD, MS and BS level. He is an author or co-author of over 200 research articles, most of which are related to nano- and/or micro- materials. In addition to being the key member of the research portfolio of UTEP, he plays a key role in promoting graduate and undergraduate education and research across the campus while serving in various committees and student-led professional chapters. He is currently the Chair of AVS Texas Chapter.