Dr. Sumathi Radhakrishnan

Title of Presentation: 

End to end process and technology development for ultra-high purity germanium crystalline materials

Curriculum vitae: 

Dr. R. Radhakrishnan Sumathi is a Vice-head of volume crystals department at Leibniz-Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ), Berlin, Germany.  She is leading and responsible for the semiconductor section, which focuses its niche research and development in elemental and compound semiconductor materials (Si, Ge, III-Vs, II-VIs) for various applications.  IKZ is a well-known institute within Europe for developing crystalline materials and also one of the world leading institute with a wealth of expertise covering narrow and wide bandgap materials, which includes nitrides (AlN), carbides (SiC), oxides (Ga2O3), etc. Dr. Sumathi holds a Ph.D degree (Anna University, Madras, India) and has also received a “habilitation” title from Ludwig-Maximilans University (LMU, Munich, Germany; consistently ranked, 32 from the world best universities 2020 (THE - time higher education)), where she is also a faculty at Materials Science and Crystallography institute.  She has about 26 years of expertise in crystal growth/materials sciences field and specialised in semiconductor materials and devices.  Her research interest also covers advanced functional materials. She is a well-known international expert within the bulk nitride crystal growth community. She has developed AlN crystal’s substrate technology for deep-UV light sources to use in environmental and socio-economic applications such as air/water purifications. She is very active in many professional societies (IACG, DGKK) and has received many awards (IPS/EPS - Young Scientist, DGKK - Prominent Young Researcher, LMU Excellent - Mentoring award).  She has over 80 papers in international journals (peer-reviewed, high impact factor) and/or conferences and has given invited talks in more than 40 meetings/institutions.  She is a guest editor of Results in Materials (Elsevier publications) and serving as an international committee member in many national/international scientific conferences. She guided nearly 25 Post-graduate and Doctoral students. Dr. Sumathi is also serving as an international research advisor and as thesis examiner for several universities.