Professor Animesh Jha

Title of Presentation: 

Extraction of Rare-earth Oxides from Titaniferous and Monazite Concentrates and Their Behaviour in Chlorination Reactors

Curriculum vitae: 

Professor Animesh Jha is a full-time professor of materials science at the University of Leeds. His main research interests is in the areas of Photonic Materials and Devices and Light-Matter Interaction and applications of such processes in device engineering. The above topic manifests AJ’s interest which he has taken forward for exploring a range of application in collaboration with two established laboratories in India.

AJ obtained his BE (Metallurgy) in 1979 (University of Roorkee, India), ME (Metallurgical Engineering) in 1981 from the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (India) , and PhD and DIC from Imperial College London in 1984.