Shri K V Mirji

Curriculum vitae: 

Shri K V Mirji is a post graduate from Karnataka University and graduated successfully from officers’ training school at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in chemistry discipline during 1984. He commenced his career at Special Materials Plant of Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad in development and production of high purity electronic and special materials. Shouldering higher responsibilities, he has been deeply involved with development and production of  several high purity  materials for use in nuclear, defence, space and advanced engineering for the last three and half decades. He has got certificates of “Excellence quality” from the users of the materials. He is recipient of prestigious awards like DAE Special Contributions Award, DAE Group Award (thrice), Work of Excellence Award “Chinnamaul Memorial Prize” from IIChE, Best paper Award of ‘INFPIN-2019’ and prize of EURO100 etc . He has published more than 130 technical papers in reputed international/national journals/technical reports and is reviewer for journals. He is a brilliant scientist with a flair for development. He has made significant and commendable contributions in this advanced field of materials.

Some of his highly recognized works are: Development of a process for super conducting (SC) RRR grade Nb metal  in prototyping of SC cavities for accelerators,  Development & production of varieties of ultra-pure materials, Development of Nb-1Zr-0.1C alloy for thermal hydraulic loop for Compact High Temperature Reactor(CHTR) applications, Development of Nb-1W-2.5Zr(Cb752) alloy for defence applications, Development of Zr-Nb-B alloy for strategic nuclear reactor applications,  Development of Al coated Zr powder as solid propellant in defence area, Indigenous development of  high power Electron Beam Melting Furnace for purification of refractory metals that was inaugurated by honorable President of India on 15thMay 2018. Many of these outstanding contributions are first time achievements in the country.